1. In order to carry out our services efficiently, the Umuda Koşanlar Foundation demands your personal information to reach donators, volunteers and the needy people with ease when necessary and also to assess the needs of the people more efficiently. 

2. I consent that the organization collects, combines and operates my personal information I have submitted to the Umuda Koşanlar Foundation or will submit - counted as personal data within the scope of  “Law of Protection of Personal  Data” - to be used for purposes mentioned above or purposes likewise and that it shares them with third parties and institutions related to the organization and that I am contacted by the organization via channels such as message, internet, written letter and phone calls. 

3. I agree that my personal data is collected , operated within the scope of the purposes identified above and in direction with similar purposes counted above and that I can be contacted with every means of communication in accordance with the current regulation unless I alter my preference regarding sharing personal information in a written form. 

4. In addition to that, I accept and declare that I have been informed about my rights pursuant to the Protection of Personal Information Law numbered 6698 to ask about  whether my personal information has been operated or not; and if it has been operated to ask about in what purposes it has been used and operated, and whether they were operated in accordance with a relevant purpose; to ask for amendment or deleting if the personal information has been incorrectly saved or there is a missing information.