Eyes of 300 Cataract Patients See Again

Eyes of 300 Cataract Patients See Again

Ghana is one of the countries where cataract disease is most common in Africa; However, since the surgery costs are high, patients wait for years to be treated, or they can't get it at all.

As Umuda Koşanlar Association, we have started working again for our second cataract surgery project in Ghana. We identified 300 cataract patients in the northern city of Tamale, where mostly Muslims live.

First of all, our patients underwent eye scan. We brought our cataract patients who needed surgery to our hospital with a private service. Final check-ups were done before the operation at the hospital. In turn, the patients were taken to the operating room.

The eyes were opened the day after the surgery. The operations of 300 of our elderly and young patients with cataracts were successful. Our patients were smiling and grateful for seeing the world clearly again. Our patients who came to the hospital with their companions returned to their homes on their own.