Umuda Koşanlar Derneği Bir Kez Daha İdlib'te
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Umuda Koşanlar Derneği Bir Kez Daha İdlib'te

Gamze Özçelik, who has come up with aid projects across the world, has once again visited Idlib and posted a photo on social media with the caption “Each photo, each smile made me think of a different story. There was war, orphans, loneliness, desperation, but despite all we insisted on seeing their smile, the sun, and the beauty. The sky was a deep blue, and the world was as green as grass.’’

Gamze Özçelik, son dönemlerde sosyal She was in Sudan On the 23rd of November 

Famous actress Gamze Özcelik who was in Sudan for aid projects posted a note “Who can be richer than the one who loves others for the sake of Allah?”