Umuda Koşanlar visited orphanages in Syria
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Umuda Koşanlar visited orphanages in Syria

Going to Africa to support children in need and realizing social responsibility projects, Umuda Koşanlar Association went to Syria and visited the orphanages. Umuda Koşanlar Association and İyilik Delileri Group teams went to Syrian territory and handed out gifts to children in orphanages such as books, notebooks and pens.

The President of Umuda Koşanlar Association, Gamze Özçelik crossed the Syrian border and chatted with the children who were victims of the war and distributed gifts. The actress said, "Don't be afraid to come here".

'They are in need of love'

Özçelik stated that children had no religion, language or race, and followed by "We must not forget any child who is war-torn, orphan, victim and oppressed. All the little ones here witnessed the most painful side of the war.

They lost their mothers, fathers and relatives. You need to see how warm they are, how they need love, attention. We need to make them feel that they are not alone. The children need good education. They will be very good parents if we can give them education. We will do our best. Don't be afraid to come here".

Source: AA