When was Umuda Koşanlar established?

Umuda Koşanlar Association was officially founded in August 2017.

Why was the Umuda Koşanlar Association established?

Umuda Koşanlar Association was established with the principle of volunteering and service with the motto "Do not go to sleep with a full belly while your neighbor goes hungry", by raising solidarity, cooperation, sharing, empathy and brotherhood. In this context, we want to reach out to all those who are oppressed, orphans, victims to spiritual and physical violence and victims of war, especially children. On the other hand, we invite people to unity and solidarity in times of disaster, war, famine and so on, and we work to meet the indispensable material and moral needs of those in need, such as food, clothing, health, shelter and accommodation.

Why are orphaned and oppressed children your priority?

According to the reports of international organizations, there are 165 to 210 million orphans on earth. Every year, around 4 million children are orphaned. This number shows that more than 10 thousand children are orphaned on a daily basis. There are also millions of children who are now victims of war, physical and mental violence, and who have been taken away from their homes and their families. The most sensitive point of our association is children, because infants and children need adults to maintain their lives in a healthy way and their competence is very limited on their own.

Why do your works continue not only in Turkey, but also in Africa, the Middle East and Asia?

Moving from the fact that there are many children in need of help in our country, our works in Turkey continue without interruption. But we still recognize that it is of great importance to deliver aid to Africa and Aisa, for the main reasons such as the fact that people are dying of hunger and drought in these regions, marching for kilometers to reach water and cannot even find a doctor while suffering in the grip of many diseases. In addition, while there are more than 3 million war victim refugees living in our country, millions of children are living inside terrible nightmares in global and civil wars, and we see it as our debt to do our best for those regions.

How can we donate to Umuda Koşanlar?


  • You can donate online by using the online donation system.
  • You can send your donation by bank transfer to the bank account numbers on our website.
  • You can issue an automatic payment order with your credit card.
  • You can make a cash donation by hand by coming to the Umuda Koşanlar Association headquarters.
     Please write your donation purpose (general, corporate, campaign) and mobile phone number in the description section of your donation. 

Do you accept in-kind donations?

For more information about in-kind donations, please contact our association via the contact details in the 'contact us' section.

Is your association connected to a congregation or party?

Our association has no connection with any congregation, party, etc. We move entirely voluntarily with heart and desire.

I want to donate my zakat. How do I specify this?

When making your donation (bank, online, by hand), it will be sufficient to specify your donation type as zakat in the description section of your document.

I want to work voluntarily for your association. How can I join you?

You can fill in the "Volunteer Application Form" on our site and specify the areas where you can voluntarily support our works. You can also participate in our events to meet our volunteers.

I would like to collect aid by organizing a charity sale on behalf of your association. What do I need to do for it? What is the legal procedure?

Charity sale regulation is covered by the "Law on Aid Collection". You can find answers to all your questions about aid collection at https://www.dernekler.gov.tr/tr/Mevzuat/meri-yonetmelikler/Y-Toplama-Esas-Usulleri-Yonetmelik.aspx.
 In practice, you can follow these steps: If you get permission through legal entities (foundations or associations) or come together as three people and get permission from the provincial/district associations directorate, you can carry out charity sale and aid collection activities.
 We strongly recommend that you do not start operating without an official permission and date for aid collection and charity sales, and plan within the knowledge of our association. For detailed information, you can contact our association via the contact information in the contact us section.

Where can we follow the activities of Umuda Koşanlar Association?

If you want to be notified of the activities of our association, you can follow our website www.umudakosanlar.org or our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

Facebook: Umuda Koşanlar Association

Twitter: @umuda_kosanlar

Instagram: @umudakosanlar