Strong wind, snowy storms and torrential rains...

As the weather approaches freezing degrees, the needs of many families increase. The situation for those who live under leaking roofs and in tents exposed to heavy wind and cold, gets worse during the winter months.

Why are the Winter Aids Important?

In our homeland, there are families unable to acquire their needs for winter due to financial inadequacy. There are households whose electricity is cut off as they cannot pay their bills, and those who are deprived of stoves or coals, live in cold houses during winters. Many families in our country need our helping hands.

In some camps that we visited, we have learnt that mothers and babies lost their lives in the previous year because the winter aids did not arrive or arrived later than needed. Many losses and illnesses could have been avoided if the winter aids arrived on time. That's why winter aids are vital in many regions of the world.

What Do We Do?

As Umuda Koşanlar, we provide stove, fuel and blanket aids to families in need and refugees living in camps in our country. We dress thousands of children with coats, boots, winter caps and gloves. With the food supplies that we provide, they are able to cook for themselves. We warm our thousands of brothers and sisters with love every winter.

May this winter be warm for thousands of souls with your donations.

How Can I Donate?

If you want to please the families who are caught unprepared for the winter due to financial insufficiency, you can donate any amount you wish by using your credit card through our website or transferring to our bank accounts, or you can donate 10 TL by sending the text message of “WINTER” to 8628 on your mobile phone.