Urgent Aid

Urgent Aid

There are millions of people are struggling to survive because of war, civil war, earthquake, flood, tsunami, poverty, famine and drought. In order to reach out your benevolent supports we are distributing food, baby foods, hotplates; blankets, bed, clothing, tents and medical supplies in emergency aid areas that are mainly in Syria, Arakan, Yemen and Indonesia.

Our ongoing projects are: 


Hundreds of thousands people lost their life during the 8 year long civil wars that’s going on in Syria. While millions of people left their homes and they refuged to neighboring countries. Women and children were affected the most. The orphans who have lost their fathers during the war are trying to live on in orphanages in Syria. 

We listened to the war victim children in Idlib, Syria. We visited the orphanages. We had a chance to share happy moments with the orphans.


We are distributing donations of our benefactors to the people of Rohingya who had to take refuge to Bangladesh in order to run away from the holocaust, some of them are children and baby that witnessed the murder of their relatives. 

In order to make cozy place for Rohingyan refugees to live, we prepared homes made of bamboo and tarp. We also distributed two hotplates a day for 2 thousand people. We also delivered food, clothing and health supplies according to the urgent needs. We also opened water wells for the people of Rohingya who don’t have access to clean water. 


In Yemen, where civil war is harshly going on since March of 2015, thousands of people lost their lives, thousands were wounded and millions of people had to leave their homes because of the conflict. Millions of people are facing hunger and epidemics because they cannot reach to clean water. 

We couldn’t stay indifferent to their cries for help, we delivered food, provisions such as flour and water and emergency aid materials with the help of our benevolent donors.  


The earthquake in Indonesia was followed by tsunami. Unfortunately thousands of people died and hundreds of people were wounded and houses were destroyed. We wanted to heal their wounds as much as we could. Therefore, we delivered basic aid materials with the help of our benevolent donors.