Ramadan Works

Ramadan Works

We ran to hope in Turkey, Africa, Syria, Asia

As the Umuda Koşanlar Association, we are delighted to be able to live the Ramadan, sultan of 11 months, once again. In this sacred month, we were blessed to have realized both domestic and foreign activities on this path that we set upon to get to know each other, to understand, to share and to give hand in hand to bridge the hearts. We would like to thank you, our philanthropists, who provided their donations to us and had them reach the people in need of aid. 

As the Umuda Koşanlar team, we believe that all living things are entitled to each other without distinction of distances, and we try to run to the aid of the people in real need with all our strength and without any distinction. For this reason, we tried to help spread the blessing and to shine as the hopes in the eyes in the last Ramadan.

We set off from our house

In this Ramadan, we started our activities from our home, Turkey, with food supplies, holiday clothes and toy aids for 100 families in need in the first step and we met with Muslims from other parts of the world. We made a mass iftar, we joined them in their joy and gratitude, we strengthened our bonds of brotherhood. At the end of this blessed month where we have collected beautiful memories, we are looking forward to the next Ramadan to witness new smiles and to touch other people's lives. 

Ramadan blessing in Asia

As the Umuda Koşanlar team, we were with the Arakanese refugees in order to make them feel that they were not alone, leaving the severe conditions they are in behind even for a moment. We went to the Arakanese refugee camps in Bangladesh, where one of the world's greatest human tragedies were experienced, and we provided the material and moral support of our philanthropists. We witnessed the tragedy with our own eyes. In order to be a little remedy to their troubles, we gave a mass iftar dinner to 500 people in Ramadan, in the month of mercy and compassion. 

Africa, the Hope Continent

We observed the situation of our brothers and sisters who were struggling with thirst and poverty in the hot deserts of Africa, and we contacted them again. We wanted to be a beacon of hope and support for the difficulties and impossibilities they experienced in these lands where unfortunately the word "nothing" came to life. We provided food aids to the people living in 50 houses that we named "Hope Village" and delivered in recent months. We have presented the toy packages and balloons that we have brought from Turkey to the desert children who have never seen a toy in their lives. We played games with them, we sang songs. It was not important to speak the language, we eliminated the sentences that were hard to understand with the language of heart. In addition, we also gave our fragrant soaps, which are specially produced in Turkey, to our children. 

We visited the orphanages and schools in the same region that were under construction with the "Hope Home" project and met with the children. We have distributed supplies, sacrifice, iftar and holiday clothing, we tried to remind them that they are not alone and that there is still a livable world, and hope. 

Together with these, we have handed over alms and zakat to 1000 people in need in Africa. We went to two different villages and distributed a total of 500 package supplies. We organized an iftar with approximately 500 children and their teachers in another one of our orphanages, we laughed together, cried together. The happiness and warmth in our children's eyes were enough to tell us how precious this togetherness was. We felt the importance of unity in our hearts.

We Put the Sibling Territories on Our Route

We have again set off towards the brotherly land of Syria, who has been a victim of civil war for the last 7 years, by saying "We've come to be a beacon of hope for our brothers and sisters". We organized a large organization and gave an iftar dinner for 1000 people in two separate groups. We tried to make them feel that we were with them with all our hearts so that they did not feel alone.

We Celebrated Ramadan Together

We said "A feast celebrated without our children's smiles would be incomplete for us". With this principle, we bought holiday clothing for 200 children and witnessed their happiness and excitement. Our holiday was finally a feast. Together, we were with our children in the oppressed geographies and felt more excited to strengthen our ties.