Ramadan 2019

Ramadan 2019


If you are reading this letter at the moment, it means Umuda Kosanlar has found you.

To find you means a lot for us!

It means the inner peace of sending you the smiley face of a child in Chad, Sudan, Yemen, Tanzania, Somali, Philippinnes, Syria and Turkey.

Sending those smiles to you means that you have a connection with the children in those countries.

Surah Al- Bakarah (2:148) says that:

“For each [religious following] is a direction toward which it faces. So race to [all that is] good. Wherever you may be, Allah will bring you forth [for judgement] all together. Indeed, Allah is over all things competent.”

Assuming you as a part of our family, we think that to know what we are doing will make you feel closer to us.

So, we would like to tell you our story in this letter at the last days of Ramadan.

You, the precious member of Umuda Kosanlar family,

Hope you had your best Ramadan like us.

Would you like to know what we did in the last 30 days?

We had a chance to have a great iftar dinner with 200 people in a school in Chad.

To bless the Ramadan, we distrubuted 150 food packets in Andalusia region, 50 packets in Cezira Islanc village, 100 packets in Habesha village, Hartum, Umdurman, Kelakle in Sudan.

You should have seen the face of people in there!

It is impossible to forget the iftar we had with 450 students from Umdurman Osman bin Afvan Quran School. 

Another iftar dinner with 150 students from Ebu Eyüp El-Ensari Orphanage has already done an impressive impact to our memories.


Within the terrible inner war, the struggle of people on those beautiful lands is really hard to explain.

We always would like to write about the beauty in our letters for you, but unfotunately realities have to be told at the same time.

We gave 200 food packets to families in urgent need of help in Maghreb and organized iftar dinner with 500 people in there.

There was a Turkish song: We saw that the world is not line by line!

We share our food with 500 great people in Mafia Island, Darussalam, Bagamoyo and Mkuranga in Tanzania.

We gave some of your alms to families in the urgent need of help in Mafia Island.

Do you remember the night before religious feasts you slept with your new clothes?

With your supports, 100 children in Mkuranga and Bagamoyo regions of Tanzania could not sleep that night till the feast morning because of the excitement.

We wish you could have seen what you did for them!

While finishing the diary of Tanzania, we would like to talk about the iftar dinner with 1450 people in total in the Ununio High School, Tenbihil Gafilin School, Yetima Group Orphanage and mosques of Damussa Muslim Students Organization.

You know what, all of the chance to meet with beautiful people of Somali was because of your help.

In fact, those great people are having a tough struggle.

People who were affected by the inner war faced with the risk of hunger and epidemic because of the massive drought in the middle and south Somali and now they want to Run to Hope.

Wish we could thank you more!

700 food packets we gave to refugees in the camps 13 km away from Benadir region in Somali will always with you.

Wars are in everywhere and we are sad for that!

Dear road friend, you should know that you were the reason of that smile on the face of homeless people living in tents and containers because of the inner war in Marawi in Mindanao Island, Philippines.

A person feels abundance and beauty of the Ramadan with his neighbours much more better, doesn’t he?

We visited our neighbours by meeting 500 orphans in the same meal with the help of you.

Do you know the compasses metaphor of Rumi?

The metaphor of a person whose one of the legs in the center and the other is touring around 77 nations.

With your supports, 60 food carts for families, 90 feast clothes  and 65 toys for children and the iftar dinner for 120 people were managed.

Last but not least,

We are lack of words to thank you before we finish this letter.

Because there are some moments when words are insufficient.

But we know that,

You have made an orphan, living in a long distance, smile.

You have made an orphan happy in the feast morning.

You have been hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless.

In reality we were not be able to manage this without you.

Children in Chad, Sudan, Yemen, Tanzania, Somalia, Philippines, Syria and Turkey are happy to have a wonderful friend like you.

Glad to have you running with us.