Qurban 2021

Qurban 2021

On the 2021 Eid al-Adha, we, as Umuda Koşanlar Association, delivered 15,090 shares to our approximately 195,000 brothers and sisters in 8 countries and 16 regions with our teams.

The countries to which we delivered their qurban shares were in Africa: Ghana, Tanzania, Chad, Mali, Somalia, Togo and Uganda. In Asia, we were in the Philippines.

We made 300 children happy from families in need in our country with our bags, in which there are clothing cards and surprise gifts.

Your shares have given hope to thousands of families in the refugee camps of Somalia, which is struggling with all kinds of poverty.

We found breath in the laughter of children in the deserts of Chad.

Tanzania has always managed to make us smile and forget all our exhaustion.

We tried to remind our Moro Muslim brothers in the Philippines, 9 thousand kilometers away from our country, that they are not alone with our share of sacrifices.

We delivered your qurban shares to thousands of refugees and orphan families in two separate regions of Mali.

With the sacrifices you shared, our children were fed in dozens of schools and orphanages this holiday, and orphans gathered around beautiful tables.

We cannot thank you enough to our brothers who welcomed us with warm smiles and to you for not leaving us alone on our journey...

If we touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters in 8 countries during Eid al-Adha, it's because we said "Qurban is Sharing"

Thanks to the One who made us brothers and sisters...

We wish you to have holidays with joy, excitement and hope.