Qurban 2017

Qurban 2017

In 2017 Feast of Sacrifice, we were in Sudan, which was in a heavy struggle against poverty and famine. In 3 different orphanages, each of which has approximately one thousand children, we cut the sacrifices of our benefactors and delivered them. Together with our dedicated team, we cooked the food of the oppressed here and sat as guests at their tables.

Thanks to the "Holiday Clothes" campaign, we bought holiday clothing to hundreds of children with the donations from our benefactors and made them enter the holiday with a smile on their faces. 

Hope Village 

As the Umuda Koşanlar team, we had the opportunity to distribute our toy packages that we prepared to the children in need in various villages of Sudan. We made sacrifices in the village located in the deserts of Sudan, where the word poverty came to life, and which we thus named 'Hope Village'. We also distributed supply aids and zakat to the village households and toy aids to the children and had the chance to be with them in their lives. We played games together with the children, and we were instrumental in making them smile even if only a little. Sometimes we held the hands of the adults, became partners in their troubles. 

We have started our house building works so that families could live comfortably in the village of hope, who suffered difficult weather conditions and whose houses were destroyed each time in the rain and in the desert storms, so that they would not be left homeless at every storm.