Domestic Activities

Domestic Activities

Umuda Koşanlar Association conducts its activities in an uninterrupted manner in order to reach oppressed geographies, needy families, children and animals as much as possible and according to their needs. In our works that we carry out completely voluntarily, we reach more and more people every day and work with no interest, only with charity intentions, to touch their lives.  We also do not hesitate to show our stance against injustice and inequity if need be.  

As Umuda Koşanlar, since the day we were founded, we have been trying to provide all kinds of help, from food aid to education scholarship, from fuel to clothing, from toy support to blanket and emergency needs for those in need with the donations of our philanthropists. 

Fuel / Coal aids

As Umuda Koşanlar Association, we continue to make children and families smile with the happiness of being a mediator for the good deed of our benefactors. As the winter comes knocking at the doors with its cold and rain, our association team provides aids to the people in need who are struggling to survive under difficult conditions, with aids of stoves, wood, coal, heaters and household goods. 

Blanket Aids

Everyone's only wish during winter is without doubt to sleep in a warm home. We have gathered blankets as part of our winter campaign, which we started with the slogan "Let's be their blankets and cover them!", so that no one would be cold on the cold days of winter. Before the severity of the difficult weather conditions increased, we delivered our blanket assistance to our families in need in Turkey and at the border through our local volunteers.

Food / Supply aids / Baby food

In Turkey, the greatest problem of the families in need is not being able to find food. This situation hurts the smallest ones the most. Little ones sometimes cannot eat for days or eat healthily. For this reason, our association has provided food aid to the families in need in Turkey. The aids of our benefactors through our association has made the families in need smile.  

Stationery / Toy Aids

Within the scope of the campaign we started for our children in need of education support in our country, we delivered stationery supplies and toys to our children in regions in need within the country, with your help.

Clothing Aids

We have provided clothing aids to the war victims, orphans and families in need with the campaigns we organized in order to make the recent winter warmer for them.