Sudan Hope Houses

Sudan Hope Houses

Would you like to heal the wounds of our Sudanese brothers and sisters who were left homeless because of the floods?

Sudan suffers from floods very often because the river Nile overflows by the heavy rains during the rain seasons, and the urban infrastructure is weak. Recently, in August Sudan went through the severest flood which destroyed houses, farms and offices. The people of Sudan are striving to live on the humanitarian aids but they don’t have home. 

For this reason, we are building homes for our Sudanese brothers and sisters. In order to support The Hope Houses project:

  • Via our bank accounts with ‘SUDAN’ in the details.

  • Via credit cards on our website through online donation.

  • You can visit us to hand in as much amount as you want to donate with a receipt. 

PS: If you want to pay the cost of a whole house we encourage you to call 0216 349 49 08 in order to get information and to share contact.