School is the second place that a child has a sense of belonging to after home. The education begins at home and continues at school. If a child is lucky, s/he has cheerful friends in a colorful school building. However, unfortunately, many children in our country go to schools in cold buildings due to impossibilities.


We want children to study in intimate educational institutions. In this regard, we complete the needs of schools, make colorful wall paintings, equip classrooms with new libraries and course materials.

We not only improve the physical conditions of village schools, but also we provide a clean and healthy environment, where children feel themselves good and safe. Therefore, schools turns out a second home that warms the cockles of our children’s heart, so they feel happier when they get there. 

What Have We Achieved?

We completed a kindergarten and dining room in Istanbul/Çatalca.

We renovated two village schools in Urfa, and one village school in Mardin. 

What Are Our Goals?

Turning village schools into better, healthier, and more useful ones that request our support from different districts of Turkey.

How Can I Donate?

If you want to contribute together to village schools to make them more beautiful, you can donate any amount you wish online by using your credit card or our bank account.