Offering, Alms, Aqiqah, Sacrifice of Gratitude

Offering, Alms, Aqiqah, Sacrifice of Gratitude


As Umuda Koşanlar Association; For 12 months, we deliver your Sacrifice, Charity, Aqiqa and Thanksgiving qurbans to those in need. Your sacrifice donations that you entrust to us turn into a feast in villages, refugee camps, orphanages and madrasas in Asia and Africa.

The price of one share is 1100 TL.

How Do I Donate?

Through online donation or donations made through the bank, you must write the type of your sacrifice (Sacrifice/Aqiqa/Thanksgiving/Charity), the name  of the person you want your sacrifice to be slaughtered and and your contact information.

Can I always make a sacrifice donation?

Yes, at any time of the year, you can have your qurban slaughtered in needy areas.

In whose name is my sacrifice slaughtered?

If you want to dedicate the sacrifice to someone else's name, you must write it in the description. If you do not specify a name in the description, your sacrifice will be slaughtered with the name of the donor.

In which country is my qurban slaughtered? Can I choose the country where my qurban will be slaughtered?

The country where your qurban will be slaughtered is determined by our team according to seasonal and regional needs.

How can I own a cattle by myself?

We divide a bovine animal into 7 shares in accordance with Islamic methods. You can own a cattle by covering the price of 7 shares.

How is my sacrifice slaughtered and who benefits?

Your qurban is slaughtered in accordance with Islamic methods under the supervision of our teams. The meat is distributed in orphanages, refugee camps and villages in need.

Are you sending a video of my sacrifice being slaughtered?

Yes, video is taken while your sacrifice is slaughtered. Your video will be sent to the donor contact number via whatsapp within 2-3 weeks at the latest after you donate.