Houses of Hope in Syria

Houses of Hope in Syria

During the Syrian civil war, 6.2 million of our brothers and sisters had to leave their houses and homeland in order to hold onto life. Those, who left everything behind except their hope, took refuge in the borders, contiguous countries, and refugee camps.

Today, nearly one million of our brothers and sisters are trying to survive in the tent cities. While we are delivering emergency aids to the families living in those tent cities, as Umuda Koşanlar, we do not want these aids to be a tentative solution. Simultaneously, in Syria, we continue our Houses of Hope project, which are also constructed in Arakan and Sudan. 

Thanks to your donations, we build briquette houses, where people can live safely in peace and hope,  for the needy families who are exposed to rain, mud, winter, and cold in tents. If you wish, you can also support our 'Hope Houses' project, which we have, in the first phase, started for 100 families in Idlib.

With the project of  “Houses of Hope”, we shall be a warm home to our brothers and sisters who have to face the harsh winter conditions in tents. 

The cost of a briquette house: $ 1000

How Can I Donate?

If you are willing to have a contribution on a house of hope, you can donate any amount you wish by using your credit card or transferring to our bank accounts, or you can donate 10 TL by sending the text message of “SURİYE” to 8628 on your mobile phone.