Hope Springs Water Well Project

Hope Springs Water Well Project

Water is the most important need for humans to maintain their lives. But more than a billion people in the world today suffer from a lack of access to clean water, and in 10 sub-Saharan African countries, 8 out of 10 people cannot reach clean water. In places where clean water cannot be obtained, epidemic diseases are also seen along with thirst and drought.

Hope Spring Water Well Project

Umuda Koşanlar Association carries out water well projects within the Scope of Hope Spring Water Well Project with the support of benefactors in the villages predetermined and planned, where water cannot be accessed. In the lands where thirst claims lives, we plan to be the living breath for the villages by water wells around which seedlings will be planted and Hopes will green out. You too can support the Hope Spring Water Well Project and put a smile on the faces of the people in Sub-Saharan African Countries waiting for a helping hand to be reached out from their brothers and sisters in Turkey.  

How Do I Open a Water Well?

Upon wishing to open a water well, philanthropists can communicate with the Umuda Koşanlar Association on any communication channel, and they will be given detailed information by the personnel experienced about water wells. The name or names that the benefactor wants to give to the water well are determined and the teams are mobilized in the region according to the order in the list of villages sorted according to their need. Photographs and videos of the place where the well will be opened are taken and each phase of the well preparation is monitored. When finished, the signboard with the designated name is hung at the top of the well. The USB flash disk with the opening video of the water well taken in our opening programs at certain intervals, its photos and the photos and videos before opening is delivered to the benefactor along with a certificate.

Joint Water Wells

Our charitable benefactors whose budgets do not allow them to open a water well are eligible to participate in the project by donating an amount they can to the charity pool we created for water wells. The water wells opened with the donations collected in the pool are given the "Names of our heroic martyrs who gave their lives for our homeland". You too can contribute to the joint water well project to be opened by donating any amount you wish.

Preservation and Maintenance of Our Wells

Our partner associations located in the regions control the water wells opened at regular intervals. With every new water well opening projects realized by our volunteers in this region, our wells are inspected, repaired, maintained and restored within our programs. Malfunctions and repair costs over time in the wells will be covered by our rehabilitation project to be initiated by our association. 

Technical Properties of Water Wells

-The depth of the well varies from 40 to 90 meters depending on the area where the well was opened. 

-Depending on the population of the village where the well is opened and the water well availability in the nearby villages, it is used by 200 to 600 individuals per day. In the ground area of the opened water wells, all animals are allowed to drink water from the watering trough made for animals.  

-At least 5 Mango* saplings are planted around each well. The saplings planted in a position where the growing water from the water well feeds the seedlings provide benefit to the people of the region with its fruit and shade in the following years.  

-The surface design of the Water Well is built by adding the concrete body, hand pump (pump), animal trough and the signboard section with the name of the well. Water wells are constructed as standard depending on a specific surface concept.

Information and Materials We Deliver to Our Donors After the Opening of the Water Well

-Photos and video recordings taken before and during the construction of the water well 

-The video and photos of the opening ceremony of the Water Well

-A certificate specific to the Well's name, which contains technical information*, is delivered to our benefactor.
  (* Technical Information: coordinates of the water well, Name of the Village, distance from the city center, population of the village and how many meters away water is)

NOTE: We would like to ask our benefactors who wish to undertake a single well to get information from and leave a record to our contact numbers (0216 349 49 08).