Emergency Aid

Emergency Aid

Millions of unfortunate people across the world are grappling with severe problems such as wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, poverty, famines and drought. The Umuda Koşanlar Foundation conducts projects to help alleviate the issues these people face across the world – namely in Syria, Arakan, Yemen and Indonesia – by providing them with medical supplies, blankets, beds, hot meals, baby food, tents etc. 

Our ongoing urgent appeals are as follows;


We are delivering the aids of our philanthropists to our Arakanese Muslim brothers and sisters in order to be a beacon for our brothers and sisters, who have been forced to seek refuge in Bangladesh, running away from the systematic genocide of the army of Myanmar, of whom thousands are children and babies, and many of whom had to witness the murder of their relatives.

We prepared bamboo and tarp houses for the Arakanese refugees so that they have a warmer home environment. In addition, we distributed hot meals to 2 thousand people, 2 meals a day. Again, we delivered our aids to our Arakanese brothers and sisters to meet their supply, food, clothing and healthcare needs.

In addition, we provided water wells for our Muslim brothers and sisters who had trouble reaching clean water in the refugee camps and supported the meeting of their clean water needs.


Hundreds of thousands of people died in the civil war in Syria which lasted for many years, and millions of people left their countries and took refuge in neighboring countries, especially Turkey. And those affected the most from what happened were again the women and children. Some of the children who lost their fathers in the war are trying to hold on to life in orphanages in Syria.

As the Umuda Koşanlar team, we were with the orphan children who were victims of the war in Idlib, Syria. We visited the orphanages, distributed toys and food to the children and had a chance to be with them in their lives, even if only a little bit. 

We provided fuel coal, orphanage supplies, sacrifice aids, clothing aids and baby food for the people of the region.


After the earthquake in Indonesia and the tsunami disaster that followed, we set out to dress the wounds of our Muslim brothers and sisters, even if only a little bit. We delivered our basic supplies to this emergency need zone, where unfortunately thousands died, hundreds of people were injured and the houses were destroyed.

Our charity activities will continue with the support of you, our benefactors, in this region where we delivered aids of clean water and supply packages at the first step.


In Yemen, where civil wars and conflicts have persisted with all their violence since March 2015, thousands died, and dozens were injured. In addition, millions of people were forced to leave their homes because of these conflicts. 

Millions of people are faced with epidemic illnesses and starvation disaster because of the drought and the lack of access to clean water along with the conflicts.

As the Umuda Koşanlar team, we were not indifferent to the cries of help from our Muslim brothers and sisters from Yemen, and we distributed supplies packages in this region with the support of our charitable benefactors.