My Pet Food Container on the Street

My Pet Food Container on the Street

What is the Pet Food Container Project? 

We produce food containers made of available materials to meet the needs of our friends of cats and dogs living on the street. We place the food containers on the streets and roads where cats and dogs live mostly. Our volunteer teams regularly check the food containers and make sure that they are always full and dry.


We want to extend our project firstly in Istanbul, and then other provinces of our country. We need your interest and support in this regard. You can make a food container by yourselves in your hometown and feed with your love to our little friends in your neighborhood. 

How Do I Make a Food Container? 

We make a 25 × 20 cm wide hole on one side of the 20 liter plastic carboy. We surround the sharp part of the hole with a white rubber tape. You can paint the carboy with spray paint to any color that you wish. After filling the container with food, we close the lid in order not to get wet. You can support the extension of our project by sharing your food container photo on social media with the hashtag of #sokaktamamakabım. If you send us the photo of your pet food container, we send you an “Umuda Koşanlar” sticker. By sticking the label on your container, you can help to spread goodness and hope in feeding our lovely friends.


We encourage our children to own food containers to instill a love for street animals. We give toys to the children who own our food containers and have a pleasant time playing games with them during our weekly visits. 

Nasıl destek olabilirim? 

Her gün binlerce sevimli dostumuzun karınlarını tok geçirmesini amaçladığımız projemize bağışta bulunmak isterseniz hesap numaralarımızdan açıklama kısmına 'mama' yazarak veya online olarak kredi kartınızla dilediğiniz miktarda bağış yapabilirsiniz. Ayrıca bulunduğunuz bölgelerde kendi mama kabınızı üretip bizlerle paylaşarak da projemize destek sağlayabilirsiniz.