The 'Umuda Koşanlar' association was founded by Gamze Özçelik who was known for her acting and various charity organizations and her close friends dedicated to this cause. The aim of the establishment is to reach the oppressed geographies, oppressed families, children and animals in line with their needs. It is their greatest ideal to do this voluntarily, without interest, with love and compassion, with good intentions, with a service understanding and by reaching more people every day, and without hesitation to show their firm stance against injustice and inequity.

Our association provides charity and humanitarian assistance to people who have been oppressed or have otherwise become in need by acting in an understanding to deliver all kind of assistance in kind and in cash to those in real need in the fastest and best way possible.

Purpose of the Establishment

The association has been established with the principle of "don't sleep with a full belly when your neighbor's hungry" by raising the phenomena of cooperation, sharing, empathy and brotherhood, with the understanding of volunteerism and service, with the aim of sharing and living hope together with all the oppressed orphans, victims of mental and physical violence, victims of war, poor, miserable and sick people, animals and nature, primarily with children, and with the aim of inviting people to unity and solidarity in extraordinary situations such as disaster, war, famine and so on and meeting the indispensable financial and spiritual needs of the people in need such as food, clothing, health, shelter and accommodation.

Field of activity of the association

The association operates in the social field both in Turkey and abroad.